Fritzbrew was created by me, Fritz Fernow an avid craft beer drinker and as of July of 2006 a devout home brewer and most recently a Beer Blogger, ....well sort of.

Please bear with my writing styles as I am the black sheep of the family that is full of more credible wordsmiths.

The goal of Fritz beer is not so much as to help a home brewer to brew stronger, steer the  BMC (Bud/Miller/Coors) drinkers towards craft beer, or even extol the virtues of a well balanced Imperial IPA. There are plenty of  other sites and forums that will be way more helpful and more entertaining. This site will be more of a chronicle of my growth over last 33 years of my beer life, from an underage drinker of Light Canadian Pilsners to gradually evolving to imbibing imported bottles of Belgian’s hailing from Trappist Monasteries and finally hitting the apex of it all, this affliction of home brewing!  Keep in mind this site is just  an electronic reminder of good times had through the social lubricant of beer. The following notes, tales, pictures are just reminders and hopefully I can extrapolate even further in person over a, ... well you know what.

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Drink Up.


Fritz Fernow

Brooklyn, NY



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Brew Day, Consecretion Clone